The Resilience Rings: A new neuropsychological framework for building resilience

by Javier S. Casademunt
& Simon L. Dolan

Mental health problems, especially in the workplace, have become the current global pandemic that COVID-19 left behind. We are witnessing an increase of 25 per cent in general anxiety and depression worldwide, having an impact of about 12 billion working days lost annually, and costing the global economy approximately US$1 trillion (WHO, 2022). The global prevalence of anxiety and stress is estimated at about 50 per cent for the youngest working generation in the corporate world, the Gen-Z, and about 40 per cent among millennials (Deloitte, 2022). Lastly, 53 per cent of C-suite executives in 11 countries admitted having struggled with mental health problems, especially with anxiety and depression, during the pandemic (Oracle, 2020). Thus, mental wellness has become a priority for
the leading global companies and executives in every sector, where real care is focused on the most valuable and strategic resource – their people.