The Art of Life Design: An Essay Enabling Voyage into the Future

Mario Raich: eMerit Academy and the Global Future of Work Foundation, Switzerland

Jan Klimek: SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Poland

Claudio Cisullo: CC Trust Group AG, Switzerland

Simon L. Dolan: Global Future of Work Foundation, Spain

The art of life design presented in this paper is based on numerous articles that were recently published in the European Business Review1). It begins with distinguishing the “Me” within the community and the artificial world where we have created life sustaining ecosystems. It is proposed that it is, in essence, about our life from the beginning to the end and the best way to follow a selected direction. The new playground is our individual Metaverse and our human uniqueness. But our future can only happen within the future of the human species, which by in large, depends on us humans.

Grubel (2019) asserts that “Design thinking draws upon logic, imagination, creativity, intuition and reasoning to explore the possibilities of what we could create to enable the desired outcomes for our end users”2). In this particular case we, our community and the society are the beneficiaries, because life design thinking helps us create real impact on our life, leading to added value to us, our community and to society.

The paper begins with a look at life design challenges in the maze of life and its actual context. This is followed by a short description of the role of human uniqueness, and the Managing by Traction (MbT) framework which is the central piece in the future life design. Finally, there is a description of desired life, and the paper ends with some implications, and suggestions.


Autors: Mario Raich, Jan Klimek, Claudio Cisullo, Simon L. Dolan