Sustainable HRM strategies and employment relationships…

Alvaro Lopez-Cabrales
Ramon Valle-Cabrera

This paper aims to develop a conceptual framework capable of analysing the contributions made by strategic human resources management (SHRM)
to firm sustainability and competitiveness. Specifically, we identify different sustainable corporate strategies and the way in which they are supported by coherent sustainable HRM strategies. We propose different sustainable employment relationships considering two dimensions: inducements offered by an organisation and expected employee behaviours in order to comply with sustainable HRM strategies. All the above also
necessitates a system of HRM practices (content of the employment relationship) that should be well defined and oriented towards sustainability.
Accordingly, we suggest associations of specific systems of HRM practices, depending on the type of employment relationship and sustainable HR
strategy, in order to promote the expected ‘Triple Bottom Line’, and which also improve firm competitiveness.

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Alvaro Lopez-Cabrales, Ramon Valle-Cabrera