Reflections on Leadership, Values and the enhancement…


Simon L. Dolan, President of the Global Future of Work Foundation. Former
ESADE Future of Work Chair, Ramon Llull University

Reflections on Leadership, Values and the enhancement of talent management in the public Sector


Talent management in the public administration can be approached from
different angles. In this paper, we briefly explain why the management of talent in the latter is by far more complex and challenging than in the private sector. We have chosen to focus on the talent management applying two inter related concepts: Culture reengineering and leadership.

Following a quick review of research pertaining to some characteristics of public administration in general and in Europe in particular, specific challenges ahead have been identified and remedies which apply to micro talent management is offered. It is argued that the concept of talent management should be broadened to include a new approach labeled “talenting”. The latter is not a panacea to solve all macro talents management issues. Nonetheless, we argue that a focus on leadership, values and culture reengineering is a practical and feasible way to attract, retain and motivate talent at the public sector.

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