Leaders With Low Self-Esteem are Likely to Cause ‘Toxic’ Stress at Work, Research Shows

There is a mountain of evidence to show that stress is a leading cause of common and lethal diseases, including heart attacks, diabetes, asthma, cancer, osteoporosis, anxiety, depression, insomnia, memory loss and premature aging. 

But how much of a role does ‘toxic’ leadership play in workplace stress, and what are the signs of a toxic leader?  

Backed up by 40 years of research, wellbeing expert Professor Simon L. Dolan PhD says that leaders with low self-esteem are most likely to pass on stress to their teams. 

“The stakes for leadership have always been high,” Professor Dolan states, “but knowing you’re affecting people’s mental health is cause for leaders to take stock and ensure they’re doing all they can to be their best and have their most positive impacts on people.” 

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