2023 is dedicated to values, resilience and wellbeing

Our strategy for 2023 is to expand our years of experience in the Spanish world and bring it to the English-speaking professionals. To do that, we are undertaking several actions.  First, we will continue to attend the Frankfurt Book Fair in October, and we will begin offering certifications and online training in English.   My partners at ZINQUO are engaged in non-stop innovation in the Spanish world, and the same is happening in Israel by my partners there: The Israel Value Center. The latest is an entertaining hands-on fun experience in getting to know our flagship tool (The Value of Values), as well as our most recent tool (The Stress Map).  

Over the years, I have learned that using tools based on   gamification principles gets substantial positive results. I also learned that in order to become an effective change agent, the coach, consultant, Therapist  or any leader needs to embed three components: a clear concept/theory, a  defined methodology and tool (s).   Thus, I have dedicated my entire professional life to research, writing and developing these components. 

Social media is filled with information about my passion for values that in addition to creating life anchors it also enhances resilience, wellbeing,   and  all in all improve the  quality of life. 

We have numerous books on values in several languages, but I wish to announce that 2 new books on Chronic Stress Management that supports the Stress Map, have been recently published in English by Routledge) and in Spanish by Profit). Click on the link to see corresponding short video with detailed information about the unique features of these books. 

The Value of Values card game is being used by coaches and educators all over the world. Available in 20 languages.  Being hailed as the best product ever developed to help us understand what it important in life, at work and other settings. See: www.learningaboutvalues.com 
The Stress Mapis the only tool enabling coaches, therapists and other health professionals diagnose chronic stress in people. It is based on 40 years of research that begun in Minnesota (the Mayo Clinic) and continued in Montreal (with the father of Stress – Dr. Hans Selye). Use principles of gamification. For trailer (Spanish with English subtitles) watch: https://vimeo.com/545643919