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``There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come``
Victor Hugo
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The Global Future of Work Foundation is a “non profit organization” created by a group of leading academics, Executives and Senior consultants.

Our mission is to help Business, Academia and Governments around the globe prepare the workforce of the future enabling a sustainable world by detecting and predicting trends and paradigms for successful transformation.


concepts, methodologies and tools to educate the future workforce.


a trusted network with unique values of sharing the vision for the future of work.


awareness about trends and future transformations.

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An environment where everyone can bring their full, authentic self to work

We are committed to reengineer an equitable and inclusive culture that promotes and values diversity in all its forms.


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The Resilience Rings: A new neuropsychological framework for building resilience

by Javier S. Casademunt& Simon L. Dolan Mental health problems, especially in the workplace, have become the current global pandemic […]

Researcher And Author Looks At Implications Of Chronic Stress At Work

There has been a lot of research into how leaders with low self-esteem are likely to cause toxic stress at […]

Imagining a Shared Journey into the Future of Work

By Simon L. Dolan, Kristine Marin Kawamura, Mario Raich, and Dave Ulrich Work enables us to create value for ourselves and others. In our […]

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